What is SIL ?

SIL stands for Supported Independent Living.
Some participants on the NDIS require support to live independently in their home so they are given a SIL budget to meet their care needs. A lot of the time it is for people who needs someone 24/7 to care for them.
If you have a SIL budget then you can choose a SIL house from different providers and see which living situation would fit best as usual you will have a SIL ratio meaning you will share your house and supports with other participants. 
SIL funding is used to pay for supports provided to you in house such as personal care, domestic assistance, cleaning , gardening etc. However, SIL funding does not pay for the rent and living costs so you will need to discuss those costs with your provider before you move in. 
Usually a provider will charge a certain percentage of your Disability Support Pension to pay for your board and lodging or you can agree to setup an alternative method to pay for these costs.

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