What is NDIS ?


NDIS means National Disability Insurance Scheme.


What does NDIS do ?


NDIS provides its participants with a budget which they can use to access a large variety of services based on their needs to achieve their life goals.

What are the services that NDIS can help access ?


A NDIS participant can access services such as Personal Care, Domestic assistance, Social & Community participation, Cleaning, Gardening, Short Term Accommodation etc.


Who can participate in the NDIS ?


Usually Australian Citizens who are impaired by a permanent disability between the age of 7 to 65 can access the NDIS. The full eligibility checklist can be found on the NDIS website.


What NDIS services do Alight Ability provide ?


We provide the following services:

Personal Care

Community Nursing

Community Access



Home Maintenance

Domestic Care




How can you contact Alight Ability ?


Just simply call us on 1300 725 611